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Screwdriver Bits & Storage
With a selection of 16 of the most popular screwdriver bits available, you will see just why the Zeus is the handiest of handy tools! Housed in a handy storage compartment on a 45° angle for easy viewing and selection, all screwdriver bits are firmly secured in a rubber mesh, never to go missing again!

Detachable LED Light & Spirit Level

Here is something completely unique. The detachable LED powered light and spirit level makes the Zeus Handy Tool the perfect choice for all jobs - day or night!

Generous Tape Measure
Yes, it's even got a 1.4m (4.59ft) tape measure. With both the metric and imperial systems of measurements displayed, you can measure away with no need for conversions.

Made From Tough Stuff
The Zeus Handy Tool is Tough with a Capital 'T'. With tools made of rust-proofed hardened steel and a blackening surface treated aluminum shell, it's the ultimate handy tool for countless jobs.

10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
As if all the other features weren't enough, the Zeus Handy Tool also offers a 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. How good is that?

Measuring just 46mm (1.81") in height x 40mm (1.57") in width x 130mm (5.11") in length, the Zeus Handy Tool stores away neatly into any drawer, shelf, glove compartment and bag. It may be small but like Zeus' lightning bolts, it wields the power of a toolbox in the palm of your hand.

Adjustable Screwdriver
The flip screwdriver locks at 180° and 90° for those hard to reach jobs. The magnetic shank will keep screwdriver bits firmly secured so you can get on with the job at hand. Literally!

Knife & Saw
The dual purpose knife & saw is perfect for your DIY & outdoor needs. Reinforced with a thick spine, this tool will see you calve, cut and saw close to the cutting edge.

Triple-Function Pliers
The spring action pliers is perfect for cutting, gripping and stripping. With a finely serrated jaw for extra grip, this triple-function tool certainly packs a punch!

Smart Hammer

The flip hammer is another ingenious function of the Zeus Handy Tool. Hammer away and don’t worry about damaging other tools or functions; purpose designed, the back of the hammer has been reinforced with a metal plate.