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 ​​The Birth of Zeus

The Zeus Handy Tool was born from an idea to equip the average urbanite and outdoor enthusiast with a tough, sleek, compact, affordable and extremely functional toolbox-in-one.

Essentially a toolbox in the user's palm, the Zeus Handy Tool is the ideal car, home, office, dorm and outdoors companion that stores away neatly into any drawer, shelf, glove box and bag. 

Having a knack for inventing, Jim Tryfon came up with the revolutionary idea in 2012 after realizing he didn't have the right tools to disassemble IKEA furniture.

With a full toolbox at hand, yet not the right tools for the job, Jim thought there must be a better way. 

That’s when Jim thought of a handy, single unit that could house multiple functions and the idea behind the Zeus Handy Tool was born. Together with the right team, he spent plenty of time perfecting the Zeus to what you see today.

Why Zeus?

In Ancient Greece, Zeus was the God of Gods! The supreme ruler reigning from his throne on top of Mount Olympus. He was mighty, glorious, wise and demanded righteous action for the weak.

Zeus was also the lord of the sky, the rain god, the cloud-gatherer and the thunderer. His breastplate - the aegis, his bird - the eagle, his tree - the oak. His weapon, a lightning bolt fashioned for him by the three Cyclopes whose aid was decisive in the war against the Titans.

As with Zeus the god, the Zeus Handy Tool is the ultimate toolbox-in-one! Versatile enough to tackle many everyday jobs, it is the perfect choice for DIYers, students, space saving urban dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts. 




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